Nick St. Clair Photo

Nicholas St. Clair

  • Senior Animator with 6+ Years of Experience in Features / VFX
  • Has worked at: Rhythm & Hues, Luma Pictures, Method, Duncan Studio, & Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Skills: Maya, 3DS Max, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS
  • Loves VFX, Tech, Film, & Learning new skills.
  • Father, Husband, and coffee addict.

Hello and welcome! My name is Nicholas St. Clair, I’m an animator currently working in the VFX industry. I’ve been doing this professionally for awhile now and decided to make this blog to talk about some of my experiences and personal interests. If you’re so inclined, you can see my experience here. You can also check out some of my work here and here.

So you’re probably thinking, “Ugh, another animation blog where it’s the same ole thing… “This is how a walk cycle should be done!” or “Read this, I have insight into how to make a character think and come alive!”, “Best Demo Reel Tips!” etc etc.. Well, this isn’t that blog, at least completely. Sure, from time to time I will talk about the finer points of animation, what I’m working on, and some of the great things I’ve learned along the way, however, there are a lot better animation blogs out there from much, much, MUCH more talented artists.

The majority of this blog will be different. As the name says, this blog is about animation as an expat. Oooooh what’s that? Well, I am a U.S. Citizen but I also happen to be working and living in Vancouver BC, Canada. What I’ve noticed over the years is that even though majority of people understand that this career (animation) must be willing to move and travel the world, no one seems to really talk about any of the specifics and realities. When I decided to move my family up here from Los Angles, I found it very hard to find resources that spoke to people in similar situations so I decided to try and share my experiences here: The Animation Expat Blog.

What you can expect: I plan to share information about my experiences as an expat working in the industry. I’ll also have some interesting tech, animation and general life posts along the way. Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of my rants!

So with that, stay tuned. More to follow!