Spiderman: Homecoming is Released!

Today is the day!

Spiderman: Homecoming is finally in theaters for the world to see and it is getting LOTS of great reviews!

I’m super proud of this project (like all the films I work on) but this one in particular is a bit more special to me. I grew up on Spiderman - he was THE superhero for me. I wasn’t into Superman or Batman or many of the other popular characters. It was always Spiderman, Venom, and all the villians in his universe. Spiderman was such an influential part of my childhood and is one of the many reasons I pursued the career I love today. It fills me with joy being able to contribute to the legacy of this character, even if my contribution is a small one.

This project was also special for another reason, and that is because it was my first time getting to be an Animation Lead. While I still got to animate, I also was given the opportunity to help the many other talented animators I get to call co-workers. It was an incredibly fun, difficult, humbling and rewarding experience.

Shoutout to all of the animators at Sony Imageworks who contributed to the project - it was a grueling schedule full of tough weeks but it wouldn’t have been possible without all of the hardwork from the people below!

Richard Smith - Animation Supervisor
Shauna Tingey - (Super Coord!!)
Julius Kwan - Animation Lead (my partner in crime!)
Nicholas St. Clair - Animation Lead (That’s me)
Zac Overcash
David Gimenez
Eric Huang
Ryan Sivley
Yasuhiko Takahashi
Jocelyn Cofer
Allen Osanlou
James Ward
Trey Roane
Yogesh Kaushal
Anthony Rizzo
Rob Fox
Mario Richard
Burke Roane
Elena Miroglio
Ryan O’Reilly
Vincent Truitner
Stein Loetvit
Stephen Cooper
Byung Choi
Meena Ibrahim
Scott Guppy
Kenneth Steel
Leo Nicolas
Joel Foster

Lastly, here are some of the badass posters that were released for the film. You’ll noticed I said some…

Spiderman Homecoming Post 01 Spiderman Homecoming Post 02 Spiderman Homecoming Post 03 Spiderman Homecoming Post 04 Spiderman Homecoming Post 05 Spiderman Homecoming Post 06