Work Update: "Untitled Graphic Anthology" Project

It’s new project time!

On Friday I wrapped up my work on Meg and today, I started working on a new project which is yet to be named titled “Untitled Graphic Anthology.” As per usual , I’m unable to speak about the details. Even more so on this one as I don’t believe much has been released just yet. That said, I certainly will be posting again once specifics are released.

I will be taking on the Lead Animator role again and I couldn’t be more excited! Working as a lead on Spider-Man: Homecoming was quite the challenge and helped me grow as an animator in a much different way than just working on shot work (even though there still is much to do!) It’s an entirely different beast when you start having to worry more about deadlines, bid times, chasing shot updates, coherency amongst note giving, and more for a group of people rather than just your little snippet of the production.

So with that, stayed tuned…updates will be coming soon!