2017: A Year in Review

Wow, it’s nearly the end of the year already! 2017 has really flown by and a lot of great things have happened.

In 2017…

-I finished my Bachelors Degree
-I was granted Permanent Residency in Canada
-I completed 3 shows at work
-I was made a Lead Animator on two of the shows (Spiderman: Homecoming & the still Untitled Graphic Anthology project)
-I bought a house! (well townhouse)
-I started this blog and revamped this website from scratch
-I started biking to/from work daily

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a bit absent from posting lately; this is mostly due to overtime kicking in at work and life getting in the way. Stay tuned though! I have a lot of content and posts in the works and once 2018 rolls around you can expect to see more updates around here.

Coming in 2018

-Using Pointclouds for Animation Reference
-Previs Tips & Tricks
-Some reviews of fantastic resources related to texturing & shading. I’ve started to teach myself to try and improve the look of my own work
-Continuation of my “VFX in Vancouver” series of posts including topics on cost of living, taxes, expat retirement options, transportation, a guide to Permanent Residency as an Animator (plus others!)
-Reviews on a handful of awesome gadgets, tech, and hardware

Plus a whole lot more!

Until then, stay tuned and have a good one!!